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 Physiotherapy Centre

Physiotherapy is an essential support unit providing services to the various disciplines in our hospital including Specialist and Outpatient clinics using referral system; catering for both inpatients and outpatients. Our physiotherapists focus first and foremost on resolving pain, stabilising your injury or condition and keeping it from getting worse. The ultimate goal is to enable you to manage your own physical wellbeing independently.
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Scope of Our Rehabilitation Services
1.      Cardiorespiratory Rehabilitation
2.      Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
3.      Neurological / Stroke Rehabilitation
4.      Women’s Health
5.      Antenatal class
6.      Spinal Rehabilitation
7.      Sports Injury Rehabilitation
8.      Geriatric Rehabilitation
9.      Special Children
10.    Arthritis
11.    Surgical and Medical Cases
12.    Rehabilitation aide item (support and brace)
Our Physiotherapy Services
1.   Electrotherapy
2.   Therapeutic exercise
3.   Chest physiotherapy
4.   Hot packs
5.   Wax therapy
6.   Cryotherapy
7.   Home Educational and Advice
Your Physiotherapy Session
To help us to serve you better, please arrive five minutes before your appointment. It is advisable that children under 15 are accompanied by an adult. Please present your appointment card at the Physiotherapy Centre and your visit will be registered after the appointment has been confirmed.
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Our friendly physiotherapist will need some information about your medical condition during your first visit. Your first treatment session is estimated to be about one hour. For subsequent appointments, the treatment will take 30 minutes to one hour. In the case where you have defaulted treatment for more than three months, you need to get a new referral to continue treatment.
Physiotherapy Operation Hours
Monday - Friday:        8.30 am - 5.30 pm
Saturday:                      8.30 am - 1.00 pm
Appointment for Your Physiotherapy Session
To make an appointment, call 03-79826500 ext 3313 during office hours.
"Don’t delay! Research has shown that people who seek treatment early after an injury have shorter recovery periods than those who wait"