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 Patients' Right

Dignity and Respect
  • You shall be treated with compassion and respect regardless of age, gender, race, religion, nationality or social status, and given all due professional healthcare.
  • Young patients shall be given medical care appropriate to their age and development level, and receive emotional support. We will ensure minimal separation from the family or caregiver.
  • You have the right to visitors during visiting hours unless your medical treatment restricts this right.
  • All special needs, such as special religious food, special assistance or a (language) translator will be provided.
  • You may arrange for your own spiritual care and request for any counselling or support.
  • You have the right to refuse to donate tissue or participate in any medical research.
Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Your medical information and all aspects of care are private and confidential. Your medical information will not be released to anyone without your consent, except when required by law, your employer who is paying your bill or your insurance company.
  • You may request for a copy of your medical report.       
Information About Treatment
  • You are entitled to information about your medical condition and treatment to be given in a language that you understand.  This includes information about possible risks, side effects and alternate methods of treatment.
  • The information provided will help you to participate in decisions involving your treatment.
  • You have the right to know the names of the healthcare professionals who are treating you or giving you care.
  • You may, at your expense, seek a second medical opinion from any doctor registered with the Malaysian Medical Association. The doctor who admitted you will have to be informed.
  • You have the right to refuse medical care, recommended treatment or choose to leave the hospital against the doctor’s advice, but you will have to bear the responsibility for any medical consequences.         
Financial Counselling and Estimated Bill
  • You are entitled to financial counselling and an estimate of the hospital bill at the time of your admission as required by law. Ask for information regarding any changes in your treatment plan or medical needs which may alter the initial estimate.
Upon Your Discharge
  • Ask for instructions in writing for home healthcare. If you and your caregiver are not clear about the instructions, please ask for an explanation.
  • Please note that all medication must be taken as prescribed.
  • If you need any information on health education, self-care and prevention of illness, or the safety of your medication or exercises at home, consult our nurses, doctors or therapists. Get the names and contact information for our doctors, clinics, pharmacy and therapy centre.